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The Mango Spice Curry is No Longer Spicy

by Staphan Curry

The Mango Spice Curry Association (MSCA) states that the mango spice curry served at MSCA approved resturants will no longer have spice to cator towards American wimps.

Sacred Cow #103c34 has Escaped from Gandhi National Zoo for Cows

by XxCow SheppardxX

If you have seen this cow, please contact us, or the Gandhi National Zoo for Cows.

1-800-8GANDHI (426-344)

India's Government Disbanded; Curry Shop Rises to Power

by Mahatma Mango

India no longer has a government. The government of India has been replaced by a curry shop. This curry shop, called "Transcended Curry Cows," is Mango Spice Curry...

While American Kids Trick or Treat, India has Other Plans

by Mahatma Mango

While American Kids are all out trick-or-treating, the Indian Goods Lunch of Opposition (IGLOO) has just begun. Many people now line up to watch the cpice-eating pros at work