The Mumbai Times

India's Government Disbanded; Curry Shop Rises to Power

By Mahatma Mango

India no longer has a government. The government of India has been replaced by a curry shop. This curry shop, called "Transcended Curry Cows," is Mango Spice Curry Association Approved. This is upsetting some, because of recent news about MSCA curry losing its spice. However, many are excited for the curry shop that will soon replace the government in India.
"I am so glad that the government is being disbanded because I used to be at the lowest rank of the curry-caste system in India. Being at the 'Wegetable Curry' rank in the curry-caste system, I only got to eat curry once a week, but now I can eat cheap, delicious, and spicy curry, at all of the days of the week," says Jamillah Jaboodiboodi, who is currently in line for the opening of "Transcended Curry Cows."

The line for "Transcended Curry Cows" is currently 1.1 billion people long, which is fairly short for the opening of a new curry shop in India.

Ujali Phadanis says, "I am so glad that the line I am the waiting on is so very short." She is currently 45th-to-last in the line.

As for me, I am on this line right now! Mahatma Mango, signing off.