The Mumbai Times

The Mango Spice Curry is No Longer Spicy

By Staphan Curry

The Mango Spice Curry Association (MSCA) states that the mango spice curry served at MSCA approved resturants will no longer have spice to cator towards American wimps. Because of this, many people are now boycotting MSCA restuarants such as "Rainbow India" and "Transcended Curry Cows." These restuarants are trying to make changes to their menu that not only benefit the Americans, but the spice-loving Indians. They have come up with the spectacular idea of having an extra item on the menu called "No Spice Curry." Only an ingenious mathematician could have come up with such an idea as to create a second option on the menu, and this man was promoted to head curry chef at "Transcended Curry Cows." However, some people do not like this idea and have decided to give up on MSCA approved restuarants because they are giving in to the pressure. Some chefs are also quitting these restuarants. Chefs are required to try their food to make sure it is ok, and some chefs like Mahadaji Gazdar refuse to try food that does not have spice in it.

Curry Rating: 3/10 | Not enough spice.