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XxCow SheppardxX

If you have seen this cow, please contact us, or the Gandhi National Zoo for Cows. This cow is of the most sacred of all of the sacred cows and is important. At the Gandhi National Zoo for Cows, each cow has 15 people dedicated to watch, and take of the cow. These 15 people had gone bowling at Curry Lanes (one of many bowling alleys that allow cows) when their cow suddenly disappeared from its leash. The Watchers of Cow #103c34 believe that it was stolen right under their eyes. If you know about the whereabouts of Cow #103c34 please contact us at the number: 1-800-8GANDHI (426-344)

/-*=<-P0O9IUT5RE4WQ>阿瑟东让他给发货预计开盘【;‘ 】;m'h'j'b'g'f's'c'da'x'z、475869+342 1’The Mumbai Times: How do you feel about the loss of your cow?
Cow #103c34 Watcher #11: Very not good. If my cow is not found within 15 days, I will be fired. My parents are telling me that if I get fired, I will not be eating the mango curry for a month. I am not knowing what I have to do. Please be helping me.
MT: Can we help you with anything?
Watcher #11: Yes. Where is the nearest mango curry food pantry?
MT: The government was recently turned into an affordable curry shop. You can go there.